Online casino deposits

Making an online casino deposit in 2021 is easy. Choices are plentiful, and modern payment technologies ensure safe and secure transactions. One important thing to remember is that most casinos online do not charge a fee. If you come across a casino that charges a fee to transfer money, that should be a red flag. That being said, there might be instances where the credit card provider charges a small processing fee. That is, however, outside of the control of the casino. They will never pocket any money for themselves for your transactions.

As long as you play at a safe and reputable online casino holding an EU gaming license, there are no reasons not to trust that they won’t handle your money safely and securely. In the following, we will look closer at which deposit methods players in New Zealand can expect to find. Naturally, these will differ from casino to casino, but most sites will offer every method mentioned here.

Credit cards

Credit cards are, by far, the most popular and common deposit method. Use your Visa or Mastercard to top-up your casino account, just as you would pay for something online. Certain casinos might accept Maestro and American Express cards, although this is not as common as Visa and Mastercard.

All you have to do to deposit money with a credit card is to enter your card information on the deposit page. These deposits will post immediately so you can start playing right away. The casino will also save your credit card if you wish, so that the only thing you need to do next time is to fill in your CVV code.


An increasingly popular payment method is online wallets, also known as e-wallets. They represent a quick and convenient way of moving money around the web and to merchants such as online casinos. 

The main reason for the popularity of these e-wallets is that withdrawals are processed and received immediately. While withdrawals via bank transfers and credit cards are subject to the bank’s processing times, these e-wallets will have your money right away. That is a big plus for a lot of players.

The most widely used e-wallets are Skrill, Neteller and ecoPayz. They are all trustworthy alternatives that will let you deposit and withdraw funds in an instant. As a rule of thumb, you usually need to create a separate account with the e-wallet provider. Once you’ve done that, you can move money to and from an online casino in a heartbeat. These wallets are typically free to open, although they might charge a small transaction fee.

These e-wallets are easy to use with smooth UX on their websites, and some of them offer easy-to-use mobile applications. They might even offer credit cards that can be used to pay for services or withdraw money.


Another method that’s slowly increasing in popularity is the payment voucher Paysafecard. It is marketed as “as simple and safe as cash”, and it lets you deposit money or pay online without a bank account or credit card. 

A Paysafecard is essentially a prepaid payment method where you buy a voucher from a certified outlet. You then use this voucher to pay for goods and services online, such as at a casino site, by entering the voucher PIN. 

The main advantage of using a Paysafecard is that it’s 100% anonymous. Another advantage is that it, in reality, lets you use your cash to play at an online casino. This is perfect if you’re sitting on some leftover cash for whatever reason. 

Please be advised that a Paysafecard only works for depositing. If you want to withdraw the money, you need to use a different method, such as a bank transfer or any of the other methods mentioned in this article. 

As you can see, there are plenty of viable and popular payment methods available for kiwi’s that want to play casino online. Casinos are also good at adapting to the times, so if there is a new payment method, emerging chances are high that you can use it in due time. 

What is the minimum deposit required?

This will vary from casino to casino, but you usually can get away with a deposit of $10. That lowers the bar for entry and makes sure to include players with all kind of budgets. 

Also, make sure to look out for deposit bonuses; often, an online casino will reward you for depositing by giving you bonuses such as Free Spins.