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Kia ora and welcome to your go-to spot for a cheeky flutter online! We’re not just any casino comparison site; we’re the mates you never knew you needed in the dizzying world of online casinos. Our mission? To steer you clear of the duds and point you towards the gems in the New Zealand casino landscape.

Who We Are

Think of us as your savvy gambling pals, the ones who always know the best spots in town. Only, our town is the internet and we’re all about the virtual casino life. We’re a bunch of Kiwis who love a good punt, a hearty laugh, and a fair go. And at the helm? None other than Mark Williams, a bloke who’s seen more slot machines and blackjack tables than he’s had hot dinners.

Mark’s been around the gambling block for a solid 10 years, and he’s got the inside scoop on everything from pokies to the VIP lounges. He’s the kind of guy who can tell a high roller from a high hopper and has enough casino tales to fill a pokie machine’s belly. Mark’s our lead writer and chief fun officer, ensuring our reviews are not just informative, but also have that special zing that’ll have you chuckling as you read.

Our Philosophy

We reckon life’s too short for boring reviews and dodgy casinos. That’s why we’re all about keeping it real and a little bit cheeky. We dive into the nitty-gritty of each casino, sifting through the glitz and glamour to reveal what’s truly gold and what’s fool’s gold. And we do it all with a wink and a smile, because who says you can’t have a laugh while doing some serious research?

Our Reviews

When it comes to our reviews, we’re like the Gandalf of the gambling world, guiding you through the Mines of Moria that are online casinos. We’ll let you know which ones are a Fellowship of fun and which are just orc-wardly bad.

We don’t just scratch the surface like a bored kitty on a couch; we dig deep like a nosy hobbit uncovering the secrets of each casino. We look at the games – do they have enough pokies to keep a kiwi bird busy? Are the live dealers friendlier than a Bunnings employee on a Saturday morning?

We examine bonuses like we’re auditioning for a spot on “New Zealand’s Got Talent.” Will they make you want to do the haka, or are they about as exciting as a wet weekend in Wellington? And we’re all about those payouts – because waiting for your winnings is more nerve-wracking than a Rugby World Cup final with one point in it.

Our promise to you? Our reviews are as honest as a Kiwi asking for more chips at a BBQ and as detailed as a weather report in the changeable spring. We’re here to make sure that when you’re ready to lay down your bets, you’re doing it at a place that’s fair dinkum. So, let’s have a bit of fun and find you a casino that’s as good as a pie from your favourite bakery – satisfying, reliable, and always hits the spot.

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